being a volunteer

We look to the future and dream of a World where there is Joy, Hope and Charity in every home.

We also look at what we do and what we leave behind, everywhere we go. We want you to see us as those who sow Joy, Hope and Charity. We want to carry our dream to each house, each volunteer and each partner. This vision is a real objective, for the lives of each one of the people involved, because if we have left Joy, Hope and Charity in a house forever, the world has already been transformed for the better.

just a change programs

We have developed several intervention programs that allow us to act in different contexts in parallel, thus enhancing the social impact and social cohesion in local communities.

Logo turn up

Turn Up

During the year, the construction work doesn’t stop! The weekly shifts of Just a Change maintain the joy of Just a Change in Lisbon, Porto and Guimarães.

Camp In

In the summer months, the camps of Just a Change have 15 days each and spread around the country, creating social impact in the local communities.


1. The beneficiary

The beneficiary is why you’re here. We want to rebuild your life and bring you joy, hope and charity. The work is just a means to do it. You cannot judge the beneficiary or their home by their actions, words, appearance, possessions or cleanliness. You have to be patient and considerate! You don’t know its history. Between the beneficiary and the work, the choice is always the first.

2. The commitment

Committing with Just a Change means remembering that there are people who depend on you: the team, the beneficiaries and everyone involved in the project. Every hour is essential and whenever there is a missing part of the work, it is delayed and, above all, the beneficiary is affected.

3. The Joy

The simplest gesture can change someone’s life. When you enter a house with joy, you increase the joy of the others. You may not be the life of the party, but a “how was your day” or a simple smile to the beneficiary can make all the difference. Don’t worry if you give all the joy you have in you, you will receive it back… And there will be more. Joy is a responsibility.

4. The Construction Work

Take care of the construction, follow the people who are there to help you and stay safe.

5. The t-shirt

Wear the t-shirt, turning small tasks into big actions. Make it a symbol of unity and pass it on from house to house. Let’s go… For Just a Change!

6. The Service

It’s not always easy, you will go beyond yourself, you are not here for yourself but to serve others. Do good, really good.

7. The respect

Respect is universal. It is like the floor of a house which must be solid. It is one of the pillars of a team that supports its base. Respect gives strength do that, toghether, we can build a new roof for the beneficiary. Never forget, more than hierarchically, respect must be mutual.


In short, volunteering with Just a Change is…

Make friends FOR LIFE

Give back to the COMMUNITY


Have a FASHIONABLE T-shirt


“It’s with a silly smile on my face and a full heart that I say that today I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t entered the just. It is difficult to summarize in so few words so many experiences, so many people. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made was risking that first day on the job.”

Testemunho voluntario e beneficiário


“At Just I found the opportunity to dedicate my time to those in need, with a direct and concrete impact on their lives and in their homes.
I found a huge community of volunteers, who would become friends, with the same values ​​and mission.
I believe that the project changes the lives of those who need Just, and those who choose to help Just. It’s impossible, one way or another, not to get tattooed by the experience.”

Voluntaria testemunho


“After being volunteers at just a change, the way we look at life changes: we start to value the little everyday things that we usually take for granted.”

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