direct debit conditions

1. I authorize my bank to debit my account indicated above, by direct debit system (SDD), at the request of Associação Just a Change, the indicated amount.
2. The amount indicated above will be debited from my account until the 15th of each month, except for the first debit that can be made during the registration month.
3. If the debit is not successfully carried out, due to lack of funds in the account, there may be a second attempt to debit the same amount during the respective month.
4. I am informed that debits can be made on different dates.
5. The Just a Change Association will only be able to change the amounts and data contained in this form, after prior contact and approval.
6. I will inform my bank entity and the Just a Change Association, in writing, 10 days in advance of the agreed debit date, if I intend to cancel the instructions indicated here.
7. I am aware that, if any debit does not comply with the instructions indicated here, I will have 30 working days to complain to my bank, which will return the amounts in question.
8. This method of payment will not bring any type of charge to the Donor.
9. I expressly authorize Just a Change Association, directly or indirectly, to process the data provided by computer and use them within the scope of its activity, as well as cross-referencing them for statistical purposes.
10. I am aware of my right to access my elements, contained in the database and to demand their updating, deletion or rectification.
11. I confirm that the data provided in this form corresponds to my identity and signature, not being intentionally falsified.
12. I am aware that, if requested, I will present a signed copy of this information, as proof of my authorization to make a regular donation to Just a Change Association.

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