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Do you want to make a difference with us?

Just a Change needs help to reach more and more people living in housing poverty!

Any amount will help. However, if you want to commit to a fixed monthly amount, it’s always easier for Just a Change to know how much money you can count on to program interventions.

By clicking on the button below, you can choose the frequency, value and destination of your donation. You can also, of course, make a one-off donation.

Material Donation

During the year, we buy and apply a large amount of good quality construction material in the homes of the people we help.

We have three warehouses (Porto, Santarém and Lisbon) that can receive donations of quality construction material.

Unfortunately, these warehouses don’t have much space. Therefore, if you have furniture and/or appliances to donate, please get in touch with one of our partner institutions – EntrAjuda and BUS (Social Utility Goods) – which are dedicated to the collection and distribution of this type of donation.

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