Just a Change is a non-profit association that rebuilds homes for needy people in Portugal.​

To date, Just a Change has rebuilt hundreds of homes and institutions, having mobilized thousands of volunteers inside and outside the country.

Our Mission

We rehabilitate houses without roofs, windows and doors.
Houses where there is no hot water or electricity. We rehabilitate homes where it gets cold.​

We rehabilitate houses because we believe that living conditions have a direct impact on reducing poverty and crime in the population.
We rehabilitate homes because we know it improves public health and energy efficiency in our country.
We rehabilitate houses because we know that this can be the starting point for a new life.
We rehabilitate houses so that everyone has a decent place to live.​

We rebuild lives because we bring volunteers full of joy and hope to people’s homes.
We rebuild lives because we give hope to those who no longer had it, and because we mobilize the community to help and recover their loved ones.

​We rebuild lives because home is the most important place in the world and we all deserve to have one.

Our Vision

We look to the future and dream of a World where there is Joy, Hope and Charity in every home.

We also look at what we do and what we leave behind, everywhere we go. We want you to see us as those who sow Joy, Hope and Charity. We want to carry our dream to each house, each volunteer and each partner. This vision is a real objective, for the lives of each one of the people involved, because if we have left Joy, Hope and Charity in a house forever, the world has already been transformed for the better.

Our Pillars



In all, we put ourselves
in the service of others



In all works
and activities


Sustainable Impact

Eficiency, quality,
social effectiveness and
financial sustainability

Our Methodology

We create impact by collaborating in an integrated and organized way





Follow Up

Mobilize local agents to signal cases of housing poverty and apply Just a Change criteria to select cases that will be the target of intervention.

Once the interventions are defined, Just a Change is in charge of mobilizing the main resources necessary for the project and execution.

Articulating all local agents involved in order to maximize social cohesion. Throughout all the construction work, Just a Change focuses on creating relationships with its beneficiaries. We challenge the beneficiaries to participate in the intervention.

Just a Change ensures that the change done during the construction work does not disappear, promoting the involvement of other local agents, dedicated to monitoring other social issues.

Local Partners

Just a Change

just a change programs

We have developed several intervention programs that allow us to act in different contexts in parallel, thus enhancing the social impact and social cohesion in local communities.


Camp in

In the summer months, the 15-day Just a Change Camps spread across the country and generate social impact in local communities.

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Logo turn up

Turn up

During the year, we have 4-hour shifts, once a week, during 1 month. In Lisbon, Porto and Guimarães

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logotipo programa All In Just a change empresas


An intense day, where companies go all out, involving their employees and generating social impact, with their hands dirty.

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Eradicating housing poverty will always depend on the joint effort of various sectors. We seek to work with partners who want to help us achieve this end, whether working on the issue of housing and energy poverty, or with support in kind or construction material.

All partners take us further, whether they accompany us just one step or the whole way.

“Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation and consensus.”
Simon Mainwaring

EDP has been a Just a Change strategic partner since 2016, and it is committed to energy inclusion and the fight against Housing Poverty.

IKEA continues to combat housing poverty with Just a Change. Since 2019, it is committed with the access to decent housing.

Westport International is committed to support Just a Change, through promoting rehabilitation and creating value for the cities.

Our partnership with Saint-Gobain allows us to bring more and better materials to our beneficiaries, with special attention to improving the thermal insulation of homes.

GALP is a social investor of the Just a Change mission and seeks to develop corporate volunteering as a tool for citizenship.

Leroy Merlin works with Just a Change to promote a dignified and sustainable habitat for all.

Fundação Manuel António da Mota promotes the work of Just a Change with other partners, taking the projects to more municipalities.

Hertz supports our logistical needs during the summer, a demanding time with several construction works underway simultaneously, in several regions of Portgugal.

Starbucks provides food and beverages for the corporate volunteering projects, plus its employees also participate in volunteering activities in homes and institutions.

Barbot brings more dignity. Throughout this year, we have used more than 3 thousand litres of paint, in several of our rehabilitations.

Prio has been a fundamental help to meet all the logistics for transportation of materials, equipment, personnel and waste.

MOVHERA and Just a Change have established an protocol that allows combating the housing and energy poverty in the regions of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

ERA supports throught awareness raising and signaling. With a wide network and door-to-door action, it reveals the urgency of tackling the hidden poverty.

FORTESIE: Building a Sustainable Future Together 🌱

We’re proud to announce that Just a Change is taking part in a European project focused on energy efficiency, alongside 26 other European entities. Over the course of 3 years, our mission is to renovate 10 homes of people in need. Before and after the renovations, we’ll conduct various measurements to examine deeper into the impact of our intervention in terms of energy improvements.

🔍 In 2023, we conducted extensive technical work with our international partners, as well as visited and selected houses for rehabilitation.

We will rehabilitate another 10 houses in collaboration with COOPÉRNICO. These will be “prosumer” homes aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Now, in 2024, we are ready to make these 20 renovations and make the first measurements.

Let’s build a more sustainable future together!

The team

Simão Oom

Diretor Executivo

Mafalda Negrão

Diretora Financeira e de Impacto

Guilherme Fogaça

Diretor de Operações

Arickson Maocha

Serviços Administrativos e Financeiros

João Captivo

Gestor de Operações | Lisboa

Eduardo Lopes

Gestor de Operações | Porto

António Batista

Gestor de Projeto

Carlota Leite

Gestora de Projeto

Gonçalo Ferro

Gestor de Projeto

João Trindade

Gestor de Projecto

Sofia Cotrim

Gestora de Projeto

Samuel ‘Amado’ Luwawa

Técnico de Obra

Arnóbio Serafim

Técnico de Obra

José Afonso

Diretor de Parcerias

Madalena Jalles

Gestora de Parcerias

Patrícia Boa-Alma

Gestora de Parcerias

Maria Silva

Gestora de Parcerias

Rita Lucena

Diretora de Fundos, Financiamentos e Prémios

Rita Pequito

Gestora de Comunicação e Fundraising


Just a Change also has the support of several partners who provide various materials, of excellent quality, essential for the development of the work. The work we do is only possible thanks to the precious help of everyone involved!

Voluntários a usar argamassa weber saint-gobain






Construction material




Cleaning products





Coffee Station
for corporate events


Cars & Trucks




Eco-friendly catering items


Air conditioning equipment


For more than 10 years, Just a Change has been accumulating several distinctions. Undoubtedly, all this recognition is thanks to a collective effort by all stakeholders.

Take a look below at what we’ve achieved so far!

“A Place Called Home”

IKEA Portugal supported 4 Camp In projects in 2021, enabling the rehabilitation of 15 houses.

BPI Senior 2020

Support to implement a project focused on the elderly in Óbidos, which resulted in the rehabilitation of 4 houses in the region.

World Habitat Awards

The Camp In project was recognized with the 2020 Bronze Award for practical and innovative solutions to the current global housing crisis.


António Bello, one of the founders of Just a Change was nominated and became an Ashoka Fellow in 2018.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD)

In 2020, CGD supported our Disclosure Project with a €10,000 prize.

VINCI – VINCI Program for Citizenship in 2019

Turn Up project was distinguished with a grant of 25.000€.

Microsoft International

Recognized as one of three projects in the world to be invested by Microsoft in 2017.


Awarded 150.000€ in 2018 and 2019 to improve revenue streams with social business models, implementing a strong fundraising strategy and improving the financial management processes.

Partnerships for Impact

(2017) Recognized as an innovative Social Entrepreneurship initiative by the Portuguese Social Innovation Investment Structure. Award of a subsidy of €122,500 to be implemented in social investment.


Winners of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program, in 2018.

Social Innovation to tackle Fuel Poverty 2018 (Ashoka and Schneider Electric)

One of the five winning projects in implementing innovative solutions to combat energy poverty. Awarded a prize of 2.000€ and an acceleration program.

BPI Solidariedade 2018 (BPI and Fundação “la Caixa”)

Award of €40,000, in 2018.

Start TelAviv

In 2017, we were offered a roadshow to Israel, with a presence at the DLD Innovation Festival, thus representing Portugal.

Santander’s University Volunteering Awards

Distinguished in 2016, with the amount of €5,000 and a strategic fundraising partner JAC’s.

Manuel António da Mota Award (FMAM)

Recognized with an honorable distinction in 2015 and a partnership in 2016 equivalent to more than €30,000/year.

Youth Volunteering Montepio Awards

Received a prize of €3,000 in 2013.

Do Something Awards

Received a prize of €1,000 in 2011.

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